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RMT's in British Columbia are unique. They are world leaders in the development of massage therapy as a regulated health profession. RMTs in this province must meet the most stringent educational and professional standards in North America.


Facts About Massage Therapy in BC

Residents of BC can lay claim to having access to the highest quality of massage therapy in North America.
1 in 4 visits to family doctors are for musculoskeletal problems which are conditions that RMTs are effective in treating.

Massage therapy includes assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various conditions.

Finding a RMT trained in BC guarantees the therapist has met the most challenging and comprehensive educational in North America.


We look forward to aiding you to a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Jessica Sharp, RMT
Todd Broadhurst, RMT
Amber Panchyshyn, RMT
Nicole Doty, RMT

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